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ProTatch Wire

Pro-Tatch wire roller quick-mounts on your choice of Cat. I, II, or III tractor hitches. Speed is adjustable with ball valve: choose full stop, creep or any operating speed.

Holds 1 mile of smooth wire or 1/2 mile of barbed wire. Unlike PTO rollers, this wire roller's smooth hydraulic operation prevents even old, brittle wire from breaking. Reel is made of heavy gauge steel.

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Three light wires, retained by D-rings before winding, are tied off to hold roll tight. Roller reel splits easily and quickly with NO binding. The Pro-Tatch roller is fast, convenient and easy to use, and it's built to last.

barbed wire
                  fence roller

Finished rolls from the Pro-Tatch wire roller are tight, compact & easy to handle.

hydraulic wire winder

The Pro-Tatch roller is available with the Universal Mount shown above, instead of the 3-point mount.

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Simplified Detail Drawing of Pro-Tatch Hydraulic Wire Roller

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New Mega-Roller Model
Hydraulic fencing wire roller
Wire Roller Pro-Tatch Barb Wire Roller
Mega-Roller with 3/8" plate mount
Mega-Roller with 3-point hitch mount

Need to roll up a full mile of barbed wire? Or two miles of smooth wire?
The new Mega-Roller is now available!

Prices include shipping to 48 states, and there's no tax when we ship outside Nebraska.
(Within Nebraska, we'll pay your sales tax on picked-up rollers.)

Removal of rolled wire from the Mega-Roller is done by removing the two nuts from the right side of the right-side support arm and lifting the arm away, then removing the nut from the 1" drive shaft, and sliding off the outer roller cone. This takes a little under a minute.

Call 1-800-321-1073 to order

Bale-Bed Model

The Pro-Tatch wire roller is available with mounting to fit your DewEze™ or other brand of bale bed.

When ordering, we need to know the outside measurements of your bale bed arm. We also need to know the distance from the end of the arm to the center of the connector-pin hole, and the diameter of that hole. (Most are 1" diameter, and 3" from end of arm.)

Other than the mounting style, this Pro-Tatch roller has the same performance specs as the standard unit.

Call 1-800-321-1073 to order

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